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On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr marking the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, Afghan Business Council, Dubai Board of Directors and members Congratulate you and your family and wish you a joyous celebration. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe. Eid Mubarak!




H.E Hamid Karzai
Presidential Palace, Gul Khana, Kabul
Vice President

Ahmad Zia Masood
Vice President 

Abdul Karim Khalili
Minsitry of Interior

The Minister: Zarar Ahmad Moqbal
Shah Mahmoud Ghazi Watt,
Shahr-e Naw, Kabul
Ph:070 295 283
Ph:079 320 818
Minisrty of Defence

The Minister: Abdul Raheem Wardak
Opp. Presidential Palace, Pushtoonistan Watt, Kabul
Ph:020 210 0450/2
Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister:  Dr.Rangin Dadfar  Spanta
Charahi Malik Azghar, Shah Mahmoud Watt, Kabul
Ph:070 281 978/ 290 928

Minister of Finance

The Minister:  Dr.Anwar-Ul-Haq Ahady
Pushtoonistan Watt, Kabul
Ph: 079 310 590
Ministry of Commerce

Darulaman Road, Darulaman, Kabul
Minsitry of Justice

The Minister: Mohammad  Sarwar Danish  
Pushtoonistan Watt, Kabul
Ph:020 210 132
Ph:079 436 009
Ministry. of Communications

The Minister: Amir Zai Sangeen
Park-e Zarnigar,Mohammad Jan Watt, Kabul
Ph: 020-2102680
Ph:079 230 067
Minister of Health

The Minister: Dr.Mohammad Amin Fatimi
Charahi Sehat Ama (Near US Embassy),
Ph:020 230 1376
Minister of Haj & Islamic Affairs

The Minister: Nematullah Shahrani  
Next to District 10 Police Department,
Shahr-e Naw, Kabul
Minister of Higher Education

The Minister: Dr.Azam Dadfar
Karte Char,(Behind Kabul University),
Ph:020 250 0318/9
Ministry of Transportation

Opp. ISAF Headquarters, Great Massoud Road, Kabul
Ph:070 226 781
Ph:020 210 1032
Ministry of Counternarcotics

The Minister: Eng.Habibullah Qaderi
Kabul- Jalal Abad Road-Banaiey Macroyan
Kabul , Afghanistan
Spokesperson: Zulmay K.Afzali
Mobile: 079 898 2531
Ph:070 480 513
Ministry of Border & Tribal Affairs

The Minister: Abdul Karim  Barahawi
Opp. Cinema Zainab, Shahr-e Naw, Kabul
Ph:020 210 1365
Ministry of Agriculture

The Minister:Obaidullah Rameen
Jamal Mina (Opp. Kabul University), Kabul
Ph: 020 250 0311
Ministry of Urban Development

The Minister:Yusuf Pashtun
3rd Macrorayon (Opp. Azadi Press), Kabul
Ministry of Public Works

The Minister: Dr.Suhrab Ali Safari  
Old Microrayon, 1st,2nd,3rd Blocks,
Ministry of Energy, Water, & Power

The Minister: Alhaj Mohammad Ismael
Darulaman Road, (Opp. Kabul Museum), Darulaman, Kabul
Ph:020 240 1303
Ph:070 277 697
Ministry of Education

The Minister: Hanif Atmar
Opp. Kabul Municipality, Deh Afghanistan, Kabul
Ph:020 210 0483/0484/0322
Ministry of Rural Development

The Minister: Ehsan Zia
Shah Mahmoud Ghazi Watt, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Kabul
Ph:020 210 1347
Ph:020 210 0481
Minsitry of Martyrs & Disabled

The Minister: Noor Mohammad Qarqin
Old Macrorayon (Next to Ministry of Public Works), Kabul
Ph:020 230 0369
Minsitry of Mines & Industries

The Minister: Ibrahim Adel
Pushtoonistan Watt (Opp.Presidential Palace), Kabul
Ph:020 210 0309
Ministry of Womens Affairs

Next to Cinema Zainab, Shahr-e Naw, Kabul
Ph:020 220 1378
Ph:070 288 439
Ministry of Refugees

The Minister:
Opp. Baghe- e Babur,
Behind Jangalak Factory, Kabul
Ph:020 210 1347
Ministry of Youth & Culture

Park Road (Near Charahi Haji Yaqoob), Shahr-e Naw,Kabul
Ministry of Economy

Charahi Ariana (next to Italian Embassy),
Great Massoud Road, Kabul.
Senior Minister

Hedayat Amin Arsala
National Security

Dr Zalmay Rasool